School Workshops

Explore our broad range of half-day (90 mins) workshops including interactive sessions in our new museum galleries and exploratory adventures in the magical Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery.

We offer a memorable day out for your group, whether your purpose is to inspire learning at the start of a topic, or to build on knowledge previously learned in class.

Pair two sessions to create a whole day experience and make use of our lunchroom (must be requested at time of booking.)

NB: For Roald Dahl visits the Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery Experience takes place in the gallery itself. Other Roald Dahl linked workshops take place in a learning room at the museum.

Age Group
Toys workshop

Discover toys from Roman, Tudor, Victorian times and the present day in this play-filled workshop. Become history detectives, comparing replica objects and organising on a timeline before making a Victorian toy to take away.

In Victorian times the museum was the house of a rich doctor and his family. Handle real Victorian objects in this engaging workshop to find out about the family’s domestic life, work and play.

Victorian crime

Explore Victorian society through images and documents from the time in this interesting Key Stage 2 workshop. Find evidence of the ‘hidden poor’ and compare to today. See our treasured painting of ‘The Jury’ and enact your own courtroom scene.

Discover our hidden Tudor Rooms and carry out research using inventories of real Bucks residents. Learn about life, customs and try your hand at quill writing!

Bucks Anglo-Saxons coin

Discover the people of the Lenborough Hoard in this fascinating workshop. Be an archaeologist uncovering a mock Saxon burial, investigate objects left behind and take coin rubbings.

Can be taught as a whole day session with the additional of a lucet weaving workshop and Beowulf storytelling.

Bucks Romans workshop

Investigate the Romans through object-handling, museum exploration and taught activities. Find out about Roman food, fun and warfare.

Can be taught as a whole day option, with the addition of shield-making and finishing with role play battle.

Welcome to the fabulous Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery where children can explore the world around them through the stories of Roald Dahl; crawl along Fantastic Mr Fox’s tunnel, investigate minibeasts inside the Giant Peach and discover sound with the BFG. Plus much more hands on Science fun!

The Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery Science Adventure

Enormous Crocodile workshop

Explore our wildlife gallery and find out what makes crocodiles the perfect predators. Then create a predator puppet of your own!

Mr Twit Workshop

Debate Mr Twit’s behaviour and hygiene in this fun-filled session. Make a revolting beard full of food and hopefully at the end, agree with our motto: ‘Don’t be a Twit!’

Matilda Workshop

Investigate Matilda’s links to Bucks and be inspired by her love of reading. Design your own book bag to take back home (or to a library!)

Explore the wonderful world of minibeasts in this bug-collecting workshop. Get creative designing your own bug and think up a name for the new specimen.

Danny Roald Dahl Workshop

Explore the lives of Danny and his Dad in their small Romany Caravan. Make a model caravan inspired by museum objects and folk art and place a note inside to remind you of all of reasons you love your family.

Buckets Workshop

Think about what life is like for the Bucket family and help Charlie’s bedridden grandparents experience the joy of the outside world by making them a new museum-inspired quilt.

Roald Dahl Workshop

Find out about Roald Dahl, his life, works and inspiration, and explore the gallery, seeing the world through the author’s eyes.

BFG Workshop

Discover our museum collections and make magical dream bottles full of creative-writing inspiration to take back to school.

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