Buckets’ Blankets

Buckets Workshop
This workshop designed for Key Stage 1 and 2, gets children thinking about ways to help others and share the beauty of the world around us, through museum objects.


Objectives (PHSE):

-Learn about different types of family situations

-Think about respecting the differences and similarities between people and recognising what they have in common with others physically and in background

-Think about the importance of having compassion towards others, shared responsibilities we all have for caring for other people and how to show care and concern


In this workshop, pupils will:

-Revisit the life of Charlie Bucket and his Grandparents in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

-Discuss the life and circumstances of Charlie’s poor family

-Consider the things we could do to help Charlie’s bedridden Grandparents experience the outside world

-Take inspiration from museum objects about the fantastic world around us

-Turn this inspiration into a new bed quilt for Charlie’s Grandparents to take back to school


Further details:

Key Stage 1 and 2 Workshop

Half Day Workshop (90 minutes). Book a second workshop to make a whole day visit.

Price: £6.50 per pupil (minimum charges apply)

Max 45 pupils per session

1 free staff member per every 6 children

Lunch rooms available on request at time of booking (FREE with a whole day visit)


For a whole day visit, why not book our Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery Experience workshop.

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