Toys Through the Ages

What toys did our ancestors play with? How have toys changed over time?


This hands-on workshop allows children to investigate a range of toys, from the Romans to the present day. They will explore how different materials have been used for toys throughout history, discuss similarities and differences between old and modern toys and make their own Victorian toy to take home!


In this workshop, pupils will:

-Help create a living timeline

-Explore the toys in our museum gallery

-Investigate the different materials used for toys throughout history

-Explore how our historical toys look and feel by adding to our ‘Word Tower’

-Discuss the similarities and differences between historical and modern toys

-Make their own Victorian toy to take home


Further details:

Key Stage 1 workshop (want to bring a KS2 class? Just ask!)

Price: £6.50 per pupil (minimum charges apply)

Max 45 pupils per session

1 free staff member per every 6 children

Lunch rooms available on request at time of booking (FREE with a whole day visit)



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