Discover Bucks People

Opening Spring 2022
Discover the story of Bucks people and landscapes from 200 Million years ago to today. When you visit look out for our community voices labels written by our Community Advisory Group as you go round.

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Opening Spring 2022

Our communities and their life at home, at work, their inventions, celebrations and ways of life can be explored in this gallery. You will be greeted by a stunning Sikh wedding dress and unusual costume displays from our vast textile collections. Marvel at the extraordinary Euphonicon, a musical keyboard instrument with a harp on top, from Claydon House and admire the conserved piece of Chinese wallpaper from Hampden House, representing the county’s great country estates.

Meet the hidden poor from Victorian times in photos taken when they became prisoners and compare them with modern day hero portraits. The objects displayed in this gallery tell personal stories about Bucks people and our communities – the way we once lived, and the way we live now.

Do you have a particular object at home which tells a story about you/your community? We’d love to hear from you, find out more about our Contemporary Collecting project below.

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15 January – 12 March 2022
11 December 2021
13 November 2021

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