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Opening Spring 2022
Discover the story of Bucks people and landscapes from 200 Million years ago to today. When you visit look out for our community voices labels written by our Community Advisory Group as you go round.

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Opening Spring 2022

Start your journey 200 million years ago by meeting one of the largest marine creatures ever to exist called the Pliosaur. You will be greeted by the outline of this huge sea monster stretching across the gallery to a display of its fossil bones found in Aylesbury. Lots of other fossil animals from Bucks prehistoric seas will be on display. As Bucks was under the sea for much of the time that dinosaurs walked the Earth, few dinosaur fossils have been found here, but you will see the claw of one of the largest plant-eating dinosaurs to have lived called a Sauropod.

Geology has shaped the Bucks landscape we see today, including the Chilterns, Thames Valley and Vale of Aylesbury. Discover more about the story of our landscape with our marvellous interactive presentation. The gallery also covers millions of years later when the Ice Age began around 2 million years ago. You will meet the lion and mammoth which roamed this area and explore evidence of other animals that lived here in the cold and warm periods during the Ice Age.

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15 January – 12 March 2022
11 December 2021
13 November 2021

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