Discover Bucks Art

Discover the story of Bucks people and landscapes from 200 Million years ago to today. When you visit look out for our community voices labels written by our Community Advisory Group as you go round.

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Discover Bucks Galleries

Discover 200 million years of Bucks history today.

Bucks has inspired many important artists throughout history and remains an inspiration for exciting contemporary artists and craftspeople. On display, in this first permanent gallery for the Museum’s art collections, will be fine examples of work that tell a visual story of Bucks landscapes, buildings and people. As well as the natural beauty of the county, Stowe landscape gardens, near Buckingham, and its architectural delights have also inspired artists and work can be seen by John Piper and Thomas Rowlandson. Two magnificent stone statues from Stowe, the Saxon deities Mona and Friga, will take centre stage in the gallery for visitors to admire. 

Bucks people, both famous and ordinary, can be seen in our formal portraits including the radical politician John Wilkes and people at the heart of Bucks’ rural life, especially the traditional crafts industry. The Museum has a stunning collection of British studio ceramics and a selection of pots handmade in Bucks’ studios will be shown.

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Explore all the new Discover Bucks Galleries

Five brand new galleries packed full of objects and activities will delight and amaze visitors of all ages. Your journey of discovery starts 200 million years ago in Discover Bucks Geology, where fossils reveal the prehistoric creatures that swam in Jurassic seas and giant Woolly mammoths that lived here during the Ice Age.

In Discover Bucks Archaeology meet the earliest people to arrive in Bucks, discover a spectacular 3000-year-old Bronze Age sword and the largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon coins ever found.

Discover Bucks People features a spectacular costume case displaying a Sikh wedding dress, an extraordinary piano and fascinating objects tell stories about people from different communities.

In Discover Bucks Art enjoy the unique visual story of Bucks through artists past and present, including portraits, landscapes and the magnificent Stowe statues of Saxon gods.

Discover Bucks Wildlife is full of Bucks mammals, butterflies and birds found here in Bucks plus an intriguing Black Poplar Tree waiting to be explored.

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Saturday 27 July
3 August, 7pm-10pm
20 July – 3 September 2024

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