NEW Autism-friendly sensory backpacks

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You may have noticed when you last visited, our wonderful display of colourful backpacks. These are our new Autism-friendly sensory backpacks which are now ready to use.




























Each pack contains sensory & play resources to accompany your visit to the Discover Bucks museum galleries.

Each pack is themed around a different gallery:
⭐ Geology
⭐ Archaeology
⭐ Wildlife
⭐ History
⭐ Art

Accompanying adults will need to look through the backpack and choose which items are most suited to their child- we know that every young person is unique, with differing needs.


Main items in the pack include:

✔ A visual timetable chart and cards
✔ Emotions fan
✔ Ear defenders
✔ Torch
✔ Dark glasses
✔ Fidget toy
✔ Puzzle/ game
✔ Time out storybook
✔ Cuddly comfort toy
✔ A treasure box with something tactile to hold
✔ A scent cube
✔ A focus tool (such as a magnifier or frame)

Next time you visit please do ask to borrow one of these packs, they are completely free to borrow, we just ask that all the items are replaced back in the bag and handed back into reception at the end of your visit.

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