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We are excited to announce the change of our name and logo.

As we look to launch our new galleries in Spring 2022, we are completely transforming what we offer our visitors, so we felt it was a great time for a new identity.
The museum will now be called Discover Bucks Museum, in line with our aim to encourage people to come and explore the wonderful stories of people and places in Bucks and beyond.

Why have we done this?

In 2014, the museum, which had previously been run by Bucks County Council, became an independent trust, although it continued to be called Bucks County Museum. As many people will know, the County Council have since changed their name to Buckinghamshire Council.

Our new name, Discover Bucks Museum is our trading name and doesn’t change our charity status, our charity name remains Buckinghamshire County Museum Trust, with registered charity number 1153345.

We have felt for a while that our name and logo was not doing its job in telling people about the fantastic stories, objects, events and exhibitions that they can discover when they visit.

We consulted with our stakeholders, volunteers and visitors and most people felt that we should keep the words Bucks and Museum but that we should also encourage people to come and explore, so we decided on Discover Bucks Museum.
We hope you will love the new name and our new logo as much as we do. The logo was designed by graphic designer Ravi Chandwani. Ravi used vibrant colours, inspired by the Buckinghamshire coat of arms, with a modern, fun logo to appeal to all our community – the question is, which do you see first, the D or the B???

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