Keepers’ Corner – Growth Renewed

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This watercolour, ‘Growth Renewed’, was made by local artist Jane Muir in 1990.


The preparatory charcoal drawing was made in Halton woods in May 1990. The resulting watercolour was part of a series inspired by the regrowth of the trees after the severe storms of the previous winter. It shows fresh new growth appearing on the base of the tree, even though part of the trunk has broken away. An alternative title that has been used is ‘New Life from Old II’.



Trees are vulnerable in strong storms, often losing branches or being uprooted. However, nature is very resilient and when the time is right new shoots will appear and the woodlands will recover. It is usually old, dead wood that it is most affected by storms but even this old, rotting wood will soon become a host for insects and fungi. Our woodlands are full of new beginnings.

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