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About the watercolours & drawings collection:

The watercolours and drawings collection comprises around 1200 items. Many of these are topographical drawings of the County which were collected as a record of changing landscapes and buildings. There are also watercolours and drawings related to botany, stained glass designs, pub signs and crafts. Some of these are by amateur hands but the collection also includes works by notable artists.

Significant groups of watercolours include a private album of work by William and Harriet Callow who lived at Great Missenden and painted extensively in the Chilterns as recreation. There are works from the Whiteleaf area, especially by John Nash and Philip Maclagan. Other groups include churches and houses in the County by John and John Chessell Buckler and small wash drawings of Hartwell and surrounding area by Amelia Long, Lady Farnborough.

Important works relating to Stowe Landscape Gardens include over one hundred watercolour wash drawings by John Claude Nattes of 1805-1809 and a group of 20th century mixed media drawings by John Piper which formed the source of the lithographs for his book Visions of Stowe.

Grant making bodies, including the Art Fund, the MLA/V&A Purchase Grant Fund and the Patrons of Discover Bucks Museum, have been essential in helping us to enhance our collection by acquiring new watercolours. These include Crossing the Ford by Samuel Palmer, The Beauties of Stowe by Thomas Rowlandson and The Valley Farm by David Jones.



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