Festival of Archaeology

13 July 2024, 11am – 3pm
Join us for a family fun day of Archaeology!

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Join us for a family fun day of Archaeology!

Have you ever wondered how an archaeologist on TV can look at a tiny, grubby piece of pottery and say, confidently “ah, that’s Roman, its almost 2000 years old!”?

Come along and handle pottery from all periods of history, and find out for yourself!


Iron Age paints

Join Caroline, of Pario Gallico, for a dive on the colourful side of the Iron Age!

Based on recent archaeological finds & research, she will demonstrate how to extract pure pigments from local minerals, what they can be mixed with to make beautiful paints and ways of turning foraged materials into paintbrushes… Along with tips to help you make some at home!

Look for our stunning Iron Age bronze mirror in the museum and try your hand painting and drawing with 2,000 years old techniques.


Meet the Experts!

You will also be able to view and handle some exciting objects and learn more about them from Arwen Wood, Finds Liaison Officer for Buckinghamshire.

Thousands of objects over 300 years old or of significant county interest are recorded every year by the Portable Antiquities Scheme, a National Scheme run through the British Museum. This includes objects found by gardeners, walkers and detectorists. The objects recorded are used by researchers so by recording you are personally helping to advance knowledge of the history and archaeology of the county.

Buckinghamshire Archaeological Society – is the county’s lead society for archaeology, history, architecture and heritage and will be in attendance for the day.


Archaeology Gallery

Continue your exploration of early life in Bucks in the archaeology gallery and find out about the early people from prehistoric times through to Roman, Saxon, Viking and Medieval times. Meet an Anglo-Saxon woman mistakenly called “the Aston Clinton Princess”, and find out why she’s not really royalty…

Explore the amazing Lenborough Hoard display, and the story of the forgotten invasion of England in 1016 by the Viking King Cnut. How do 5000 Anglo-Saxon silver coins, hidden in a field near Buckingham, tell the story of 1000 year old conflict between Vikings and Saxons? Find out about archaeology today and what has been discovered recently. Every object on display was once important to someone. They may have made, used or treasured it – each is a personal window into the past.


Crafts and activities

Entry to the Museum for the day is FREE and there will be lots of crafts for children to take part in including coin rubbing and brooch making as well as taking part in water excavation and a sandpit dig. Children can even make their own cave painting!

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Treat yourself to hot / cold drinks, light snacks and ice creams in our small café.


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