Natural History

This collection contains a wide range of plant and animal species that are found, or used to be found in Bucks. We have over 600 mounted birds and mammals (collected from animals that died from natural or accidental causes) including an orange badger and a white blackbird. There are also tracks and signs of animals including droppings, feeding remains and nests. In addition, there are over 30,000 insects and 7,000 pressed plants. All these plants and animals are used highlight wildlife issues and help people to learn how to identify our local flora and fauna in the wild and so that they can help conserve it. Featured image is of a Hazel Dormouse.

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Black Poplar

50% of Britain’s population of this rare native tree grow here in Aylesbury Vale

Aylesbury Duck

The most famous thing to come out of Aylesbury and once a vital part of our local economy

Chalkhill Blues

From a historic collection of butterflies showing the diversity with butterfly species

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