15 January – 12 March 2022
We are delighted to announce the opening of a new sculptural exhibition and play experience.

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Sit and Play shows 12 chair-like sculptures by Material Architecture Laboratory (M-A-L), a research lab at University College London.

The structures are built entirely with M-A-L’s own building blocks – interlocking pieces produced from recycled plastic which are shaped like the letters S, U and P.

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SUP came about after educators, architects and designers based locally at Grymsdyke Farm, Lacey Green, asked themselves the question:

What can we make with recycled plastic?

The SIT part of the exhibition shows 12 chairs, each uniquely designed using SUP.

The PLAY part is for visitors to use the SUP to play, invent and build their own creations resulting in an ever-evolving display of visitor-made temporary artworks.

The Sit and Play exhibition and experience can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages.

For more information on Material Architecture Laboratory please visit or find M-A-L on Instagram @materialarchitecturelab

All images copyright: Material Architecture Laboratory, University College London.

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15 January – 12 March 2022
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