Reincarnated Rubbish – Endangered and Extinct 2

2 – 30 October
Amazing, ingenious and humorous artworks created by recycling artist Val Hunt.

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We’re delighted to show work by Val Hunt once again. With inspiration, ingenuity, humour and skill, creative recycling artist Val Hunt has created a fascinating selection of large and small sculptural pieces which are both appealing and informative.

Animals, exotic birds, fish, dinosaurs and species of flora, all on the edge or now extinct, have been made from a selection of throwaway materials especially Val’s favourite medium, metal drink cans.

This exhibition is full of witty, humorous, imaginative and thought-provoking constructions. The exhibition presents a subtle message about recycling and preservation and hopefully it will inspire and encourage everyone to experience the fun of creative recycling.

Visitors loved the exhibition last time and found Val’s creations amazing. One visitor said that it was the most wonderful exhibition that she had ever visited! There are some new pieces including Val’s sculpture of the Queen.

The Reincarnated Rubbish – Endangered and Extinct 2 exhibition by Val Hunt will be available to view from 2 October in the large art gallery on the 1st floor of the museum. It runs alongside the Contemporary Art and Artists exhibition.

No need to book, just turn up. Check out our opening times here.

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