Mr Twit’s Disgustrous Beard

Mr Twit Workshop

This fun Key Stage 1 and 2 workshop looks at the lives and terrible behaviour of Mr and Mrs Twit in Roald Dahl’s famous story. With opportunities for role play and escapades, your class will settle down to some serious debate about good and bad behaviour, hopefully deciding never to ‘be a twit’ again.


Objectives (PHSE):

  • Learn about and discuss behaviours that are right and wrong
  • Begin to consider our actions and consequences
  • Consider, discuss and debate ethical issues and offer reasoned views
  • Think about what keeping healthy means, about foods that support good health and the risks of eating too much sugar, how physical activity helps us to stay healthy and ways to be physically active
  • Think about simple hygiene routines that can stop germs from spreading and the importance of dental care


In a typical 90-minute session pupils will:

  • Take part in role play based on The Twits
  • Make their very own mirrored disgustrous beard to view themselves as a Twit
  • Discuss the poor behaviour and hygiene of the characters in the story
  • Make some life rules on ‘How NOT To Be A Twit!’


Price: £6.50 per pupil (minimum charges apply)

Max 45 pupils per session

1 free staff member per every 6 children

Lunch rooms available on request at time of booking (FREE with a whole day visit)


For a whole day visit, book our Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery Experience workshop.

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